KUCHING, the State Capital of Sarawak (East Malaysia) is located in The Three Island Nations of Exotic Borneo with tropical climate.

We have beautiful beaches, an evergreen rainforest where our Oran Utan, Proboscis Monkey, Sun Bear, Borneo Clouded Leopard and other wild animals are roaming freely. We are also the home of Rhinoceros Hornbill and many more birds not forgetting our crocodiles, our snake, our dolphin and many species of fish in our river. Sarawak is also the home of Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world.

In Kuching, you can enjoy our local dishes like Kolo Mee (Noodles fried with garlic and meat), Sarawak Laksa (Vermicelli rice noodle in curry broth), Nasi Ayam (Chicken with steam rice) and Seafood, just to name a few beside the many delicious Chinese and Indian food available!

And, we speak English besides our national language.








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