Padawan Raft Safari 2017

Date: 24-Sep-2017
Venue: Kampung Annah Rais, Kampung Temurang, Kampung Danu, Kampong Git Padawan Kuching

River Safari in Padawan is a bamboo rafting competition. The journey down river, which will take more than three and a half hours, passes some amazing picturesque scenes and rapids which are the natural obstacles of the Safari.


Borneo International Beads Conference 2017

Date: 13-Oct-2017 to 15-Oct-2017
Venue: The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia

- Academic papers by world-renowned authorities on bead studiesbibco2017
- Hands-on workshops covering a wide range of disciplines and techniques
- ‘Borneo Traditional’ workshops
- Polymer clay and recycled materials workshops
- Contemporary Bead Design workshops
- Visits to Craft exhibitions and Museums in Kuching
- Borneo International Beads Award
- Exciting post-conference tours

Sarawak Adventure Challenge

Date: 14-Oct-2017
Venue: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

The Sarawak Adventure Challenge 2017 is a one-day multi-sport adventure race showcasing some of the best rainforests, rivers and caves of Western Borneo.



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